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Welcome to the NSR Law Blog!

Welcome to the NSR Law Blog! Beginning 2017, NSR Law Blog will bring you updates and commentary on the Clean Air Act's New Source Review (NSR) permit programs, including Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) and Nonattainment New Source Review (NNSR) permits, and related environmental topics. The NSR Law Blog will cover rule developments, new agency guidance releases, court cases and related developments important to practitioners and complex facilities alike. NSR is more than just a permitting program - it is a complex, living program full of nuance and hidden traps. NSR Law Blog will help you navigate the complexity!

NSR Law Blog is hosted by Eric Hiser, senior environmental attorney at Jorden Hiser & Joy with over 25 years and over 100 PSD and NNSR permits and site-specific SIP experience. Joining Eric will be guest bloggers including other attorneys and consultants working daily on the latest NSR issues.

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